Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two legs

I'm not allowed to show you what I've been working on recently, but here's a teaser...Ooooh whatever could it BE?!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Element Eden Summer 12

Heehee! This is so cool.

Photography: Ali Mitton
Model: Tahlia from Chic Model Management

"This Summer, Element Eden brings you two collections, both which have been creatively inspired by our muses and advocates, Courtney Brims and Sarah Larnach! These collections allow you to share our advocates experiences and inspirations through what you wear! 

Ever so Inspiring, our muse and advocate, Courtney Brims has influenced Element Eden to create soft dresses, delicate cami tops and dainty girlie pieces. We explored Courtney's favourite creative outlets, her wardrobe, her studio and her imagination to put together a collection that takes the direction of a daydreamer with a vintage style who keeps a sketch book in her hand and documents the world around her. 

On the other hand.... gritty, cheeky and intriguingly talented visual artist and DJ Sarah Larnach has influenced Element Eden to create pieces for Summer which take a slightly playful tomboy direction, with looks influenced by old fashioned female explorers. Sarah's intrepid lifestyle and love for summer time camping and hiking adventures have shaped a collection of a soulful traveller with music in her heart."